Frequently Asked Questions

My account is not activated. I didn't receive the activation e-mail!

To activate your account, you need to follow an activation link send by e-mail to the e-mail account you provided when registering. If you didn't receive the e-mail in your in-box, please check your SPAM folder.

You might also want to add "support" and "no-reply" (at) to your whitelist, any e-mails (like password reset etc) would be sent from these two.

If you didn't receive any e-mail, contact me (via Contact form, or Report form located at the bottom of every page).

My doll's mold / edition are not in the database!

Unfortunatelly, this is very probable. There are numerous BJD companies out there and filling in our database with every mold is extremely time consuming and sometimes not all the information is available.

If the company your doll belongs to is in the database along with the doll line it belongs to, it's probably an omission. Please contact me and I'll try to add it as soon as possible.

If the company is in the database but the whole line is not, it might have been deemed off-topic, but please feel free to contact me as well if you want to make sure.

Please do not try to add stand-in dolls from other companies or other lines: at this time it is not possible to delete dolls from your collection nor change anything other than doll's mold edition.

My favourite company is not in the database at all!

I am very sorry for that... I was not aware of how many companies / lines / heads there were until I took this up. My best advice for you is to wait until the company is added (you can follow on Twitter for latest updates). Drop me a line with the name of the company, I'll try to add some priority to that import, if possible.

But you can also help me out with filling the database in with relevant information!
Interested? Please Contact me!

I can't add more photos! The photo limit is too low!

Indeed, you can add very few photos, but i can't do anything about it at the moment. As a matter of fact, this is how i designed it: disk space and bandwith are my main concerns when it comes to this website. I can't afford to upgrade for the time being... I am sorry.

I am however planning an upgrade for the future to solve this issue :) Please stay tuned.

I made an account but it doesn't show under Collections

Only activated accounts that have dolls added to their collection show there, so please add your dolls!

I saw this user add a mold XXX to their collection with resin colour Y, but it was never released this way!

Unfortunatelly, tracking resin colours available for each mold and edition would be too overwhelming for me. There's nothing I can do about it at this point in time.

I found copyrighted material that should not be here.

Please contact me as soon as possible so I can remove/credit it, depending on author's wishes.
Please note that near 100% photos representing molds/editions in the Database are company photos and they are all credited (link title, Milkbox description).