Custom House

Initially a dealer for doll supplies, Custom House first webshop opened in June 2002, but were quick to expand and became ball jointed doll makers as well in December of the same year (first Ai dolls were released in April 2003). Their early Unique and Limited dolls featured the work of costume and faceup artists Anu, Rolling Pumpkin, and HeavyBomb.

Custom House began offering popular frequent sales and ordering events, and customers began experiencing long waiting times for order delivery, all of which continue to the present day.

In December 2010, Custom House announced that it was changing its tradename to Aidolls in order to separate itself from the growing poor reputation associated with the old name. It launched new websites for each language, also adding one for Chinese customers. The same year also saw a confirmation of a rumor that Custom House doll manufacturing was moved to China.