Bluefairy has been making ball jointed dolls for years, with two distinct lines - the mini sized Tiny Fairy line, and the tiny sized Pocket Fairy line. In 2009, Bluefairy closed their shop for several months and reopened under the same ownership and management as Minoru World. Minoru World had previously been a dealer of Bluefairy dolls, as well as selling their own limited edition versions of Bluefairy dolls not available on the regular Bluefairy webshop - Junior Fairy.

Minoru World was started by Young Yoo June (Minoru), a doll enthusiast, to sell SD clothes and shoes. Later on Minoru World acted as a dealer for BlueFairy, selling their Tiny Fairy and Pocket Fairy lines; nowadays Minoru manages both businesses.

In addition to the BlueFairy lines of dolls (nowadays Tiny Fairy and Shiny Fairy, after Pocket Fairy dolls ceased being distributed through MinoruWorld in 2009), MinoruWorld also has their own Junior Fairy line of 33 cm ball-jointed dolls.