Volks YoSD

Yo Super Dollfie, or Yo-SD, are 26.5cm dolls produced by Volks. They are the smallest Super Dollfies available for purchase and have only been released in Limited Editions. The word "Yo" means "baby" and proportionally the Yo-SDs are supposed to look like toddlers in comparison to their other lines. They are capable of sharing wigs with SD Cute, although the wigs are a little large on them.

Yo-SD usually are released in pairs of the same mold, one boy and one girl each with a different faceup. There have been some special releases related to story arcs and Yo-SD versions of standard dolls that only have one gender.

Yo-SDs have also been released as genderless Tenshi, named Yo-Tenshi. Other than Special Events and Dolpas, another method purchasing YoSD is as a Dream FCS. So far, only Limited Edition models have been released.