Volks SDGr

SD Graffiti is Volks' newest type of SD. The first SD Graffiti boy was released at Dolpa 21 in May, 2009.

The SD Graffiti body is an upgrade of the SD13 boy body, with its jointing system and overall stylistics based on the SD17 boy body, including the more defined musculature. The SD Graffiti body is the same height as and has the same basic overall measurements as the SD13 boy body, and the hands and feet are interchangeable, meaning that it can use the same optional parts and in theory wear the same wardrobe. The height is given as 62cm (the same as an SD13 boy with long legs) and the torso measurements are as follows: chest 25.2cm (SD13 boy: 25cm), waist 19.1cm (SD13 boy: 20.5cm), hips 25.5cm (SD13 boy: 26cm). However in practice the body (particularly waist and torso) are overall a fair bit slimmer and leaner, meaning that looser fitting SD13 boys clothes are often too big. The head size is 22.5cm, making DD sized wigs more suitable.

According to fan information, Volks has stated that this body will be used in place of future SD13 Boy Limited Editions. Whether it will be used for any future standard SD13 boys or added to the FCS is still entirely unknown.