Volks SD17 Hikaru Genji: basic

An open-eyed limited edition of Volks Hikaru Genji.

Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura. Hikaru Genji was a special Limited Edition released to celebrate the 1000th year since the classic 'The Tale of Genji' was first written. He is based on the main protagonist of the book.
Hikaru Genji was made available by pre-order at the Angels Descending Autumn 2008 event. The pre-order period was said to be 11th October to 9th November, however it was noted that there was a set number available, and that the period would close early if that number was reached. It was in fact reached in roughly three days, at which point pre-orders closed.
Although pre-orders were taken for Genji starting on October 11th, he was not due to be shipped until late November.
As a part of the event to celebrate Hikaru Genji's release, the One-Off Room at Tenshi no Sato was redone with an elaborate Hikaru Genji display, in which various Hikaru Genji models were posed in scenes from the book with other SD display models dressed up as other characters from the book. This display was open until November 9th. In addition, on November 1st the Kachu-an building in the garden, normally not open to the public, was made open for one day with a special Hikaru Genji display.
Hikaru Genji is a part of the "Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet" story arc along with Ushiwakamaru, Amakusa and Souji.