Volks SD16 Four Sisters 16: Kira

An open-eyed limited edition of Volks Four Sisters 16.

Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura. A special display booth for the 'four sisters' (Kira, Sara, Nana and Megu) in their various forms was set up at Dolpa 22, which included their Yo-SD, SD, SD13 and SD16 incarnations. Some of the models were display models, while others were sold as One-Offs via lottery. This booth had display and One-Off models of SD16 Sara, Nana and Megu, who apparently used the same headmold as SD16 Kira. However SD16 Sara, Nana and Megu have not been released seperately at this time and Volks have not said if they will release them or not.