Volks SD / SD13 F-14: FCS F-14

An open-eyed basic edition of Volks F-14.

This is a FCS-only head mold. It is somewhat similar in style to LE SD girl Aya. Volks say that they were thinking of a reliable personality with a somewhat strong heart. They designed the head mold with the image of a steadfast sister (or brother?) who who will always firmly support their somewhat lacking older brother; a girl (or boy) who usually has a big mouth, but can be uneasy when on their own. The suggested eye size is 20mm. This head mold used to be Sato only, however as of September, 2006 it is available at all Tenshi no Sumika locations, including the LA Sumika, who added it at the time of LA Dolpa (late November, 2007).