Volks SD / SD13 F-16 (F-28): Masha

An open-eyed limited edition of Volks F-16 (F-28).

Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura. Masha was released to celebrate Volks' second Dolls Party in New York, in collaboration with FDQ magazine. She was only available to be bought by attendees of the event and, if any where leftover, to subscribers of FDQ.
Masha was limited to a production run of 75. However in the end a total of 80 were made to cover extra orders as FDQ mistook the number of orders they took.
Masha was a rerelease of Volks' popular Sasha, originally made in 2003. (Her rerelease was largely brought about by a petition made by Den of Angels forum members.) However it is said there are some small differences to the original Sasha.
Masha was later released in limited numbers for the Japanese audience at the second Huis Ten Bosch event.
According to Volks staff members, the correct pronunciation of Masha's name is 'Marsha' which is what they intended it to be. (Though they weren't sure why Volks did not spell it this way!)
Masha has "FCS white" skintone and is one of the very few Limited Edition dolls to have this version of white skintone. Most LE dolls who have white skintone come in the Limited "beauty white" colour, which has a more yellowish undertone. The only other LEs with "FCS" white skintone are SD13 boy White Cat Chris and MSD girl Lilith.