Volks MSD

Mini Super Dollfie, or MSD, are the second range of dolls that Volks released they were introduced in September 2001. They are roughly 42-43cm (17inches) tall, and have approximately a 19.5cm (7.7inches) sized head.

MSD are available as Standard, FCS, and Limiteds. Sometimes they are also offered as one-offs at Dolpa events. Some of the Sato limited heads and many of the newer released MSD have slightly smaller heads and can fit SD Cute wigs. Older MSD heads are usually larger and use 7-8 or MSD wigs. Head size varies between models so when ordering FCS it may help to ask to try on the sample wig on the model to check fit.

MSD are the same size as the Tenshi type KoTenshi. Volks had released a Limited edition precursor to MSD named Ian in December 2000. She is shorter than the standard MSD and was available both as full completed doll (release of 100) and kit version (release of 200).

Standard edition dolls are available usually as a kit and limited release of fully assembled doll with faceup. They come with either MSD girl body or MSD Boy body. Limited Edition girls are usually released with the swaricco body. Medium bust and small bust bodies are available through FCS. Long leg option is also available through FCS only. Earlier releases were on oldskin current releases are pureskin normal. Volks has released some white skin limited editions and is offered as part of FCS. Sunlight skin is available through FCS only at Tenshi-no-Sato and Tenshi-no-Sumika in Los Angeles.