Soom Idealian72

After a false start in October - November 2009, when the 73cm "Chosen One" sculpt was released and then recalled, the first Idealian was released in March 2010. The body for this doll was modified from the original Idealian sculpt; however, like the original sculpt, Idealian72 is noted for its high level of detail, including sculpted fingerprints and footprints, a brain that serves the role of S-hook and eye muscles that serve as eye anchors. With the release of a smaller 51cm line of Idealians, the larger Idealian sculpts were renamed Idealian72.

Limited edition Idealian72 dolls have been released in an irregular bimonthly format starting in 2010. Soom announced in May 2011 that it will be re-releasing some of the earlier Idealian sculpts in limited quantities in a fashion similar to the Soom Gem Special Order Chance releases. In July, 2011, the first Special Edition doll was released. However, it was not a re-release as promised, but an entirely new sculpt.

In September, 2011 Soom released its first female IDealian 72, Albany.