Imtiyaz Tahan

Dragonwings236 Soom Super Gem Euclase: The last judgement

Soom Super Gem Euclase: The last judgement owned by Dragonwings236

At home. male, in Grey resin. Imtiyaz, or Yaz for short, is an Ancient. Each of the Ancients are the first vampires and are known to be quite unique. The number of Ancients that have existed is unknown, but three have been killed in the past by Gabriel, the vampire hunter.

Imtiyaz has the power to make every wish come true. To do so he uses pure energy, centered in the palms of his hands. As a vampire he has to drink blood to survive, but unlike most of the other ancients he cannot turn people into his own kind. His fangs retract like those of a snake, injecting poison in his victim as he feeds.