Aveline de Grandpre


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Incoming. female, in Tan resin. Aveline de Grandpré was an Assassin of French and African heritage, who lived in the area of New Orleans at the end of the French and Indian War. She was mentored by Agate, with whom she had a conflicting relationship.

Aveline was born to a wealthy French merchant and an African placée bride, and occupied a position of wealth and respect within the city.[2]

She was raised with care and privilege, even after her mother mysteriously vanished and her father had remarried. As she grew, she became an opponent of slavery, with her father's love, wealth and status protecting her from repercussions. She was inducted into the Assassin Order in 1759 by Agate, and at some point in time, she encountered the Native American Assassin, Connor Kenway.

Aveline was a skilled freerunner, who was able to navigate with ease through the urban cityscape and natural landscape, such as the Bayou.

Her fighting style included dual-wielding various weapons, including a whip, cleavers, firearms, swords, knives, a blowpipe, a sugar-cane machete and Hidden Blades.

Asides from her weapons, Aveline possessed three outfits that she could make use of. Her Assassin outfit aided in combat and navigation, though it made her notorious, her Servant outfit allowed her to blend in to the poorer masses of New Orleans and remain undetected, and finally, her Aristocrat outfit made Aveline highly noticeable, but it allowed her to use charm and bribery to achieve her goals.

As she grew, Aveline developed into a strong-willed young woman, who began to notice the contrasts within society, like freedom and enslavement or wealth and poverty. She was torn between the different values that she had inherited from her parents, and as such, she formed her own, which included a vehement stance against slavery.