Anneke Fairy Land MiniFee Karsh: Elf Assasin

Fairy Land MiniFee Karsh: Elf Assasin owned by Anneke

At home. female, in Normal resin. Eisa [Luts Shushu Elf] is the daughter of a powerful tribal chieftain of the mountain clans.

Anais [Fairyland Chloe Vampire Elf] is the soulbound "Serandisa" of the prince of the entire Empire that spans Alaiised and all neighboring realms. The Serandisa is a being that is completely one with a member of the royal family.

Kora [Fairyland Karsh] is a demon hunter from the Northern Kingdom of Antariised. She is actually the daughter of the king, but her five siblings came so far ahead of her in succession that she decided to go into business for herself.

At the heart of this elfy world are the God Eggs, powerful stones that have specific abilities, harnesses by priestesses of the regions that were gifted with control of the stones.

The Empire controls most of the God Eggs at this point in the story, and a conspiracy to unearth the long lost Deathstone has brought my three characters together in an adventure. They face demons, humans, hunters, and betrayal.