Anneke Souldoll Zenith Shiva: 4 arms

Souldoll Zenith Shiva: 4 arms owned by Anneke

At home. female, in Grey resin. This is a story I started years ago, but came back to the character after Souldoll inspired me to give her four arms. Sylpedae [Souldoll Shiva] is a special class of being, a magic-wielding Emperialys. She is the medium between mortals and the gods. Originally the Emperialys were meant to be priests and priestesses, with mortals ruling themselves. Sylpedae discovered a way to kill the other Emperialys and seized control of the mortal realms while the gods looked on in disappointment. However, ruling the mortal world isn't enough for Sylpedae, and so she approaches the Snow Queen [Soom Cuprit Black Frost], the goddess of winter, with a proposition to see them take their rule even further. The Summer Queen [Soom Amber FC Bronze] sides with heroes of mortals to combat her sister to bring balance to the world.