Anneke Soom Super Gem Cuprit: Wish upon the north wind

Soom Super Gem Cuprit: Wish upon the north wind owned by Anneke

At home. female, in Normal resin. Blood Elf Paladin Deathbunnie [Soom SO Cuprit Wish Upon the North Wind]
Blood Elf orphan Salandria [Resinsoul Mei],
Onyxia [Soom MD Heliot]
Beastylove [Sugarble Mori]

Deathbunnie (Roanoke is her roleplay name) is a Blood Elf who rejected the arcane teaching of her people in favor of the Holy Light. After studying under her mentor (human Paladin Sulimo) she was recalled to her homeland to defend the isle of Quel'Danas to liberate the Sunwell from the Burning Legion. It was at this time that she first encountered Salandria, a quiet but gifted orphan that wanted to go on to study the Holy Light after being saved from the dragon Broodmother Onyxia by Deathbunnie's holy power. After the death of Onyxia she formally joined the Argent Crusade in Northrend to assist in ending the reign of the Lich King, Arthas. Roanoke is currently retired in her recently reclaimed family home off of Murder Row in Silvermoon City.