Minaide Dollzone BBdoll Ani

Dollzone BBdoll Ami / Ani: Ani owned by Minaide

At home. female, in Normal resin. Mariko Kanon (魔利子・花音) is a half-blood Vampire. Her age is unknown, but she looks like she is a very young maiden. Her mold is a DollZone Ani-2 and she arrived at House Minaide at 29 April 2011
Mariko loves cute things, blood and her boyfriend Link. She hates greedy people and vampire hunters.
Her clothing style is always very kawaii, sweet and childish. (But she can be very mature )
Her favourite colours are pink and white.
Mariko can act very well so she can hide her race. She's loyal to the ones she loves, but she can be very venomous. She's stubborn and can be bitchy.

Beware, she's like Pandora's Box.

She lived with her parents until she got bitten by Link when she was only aged ten. Mariko lost too much blood and Link decided to blood her, so she would survive the huge blood loss. Being blooded meant that she had to stay with Link. That's how their story began.
Mariko refers to Link as her brother, but he isn't. He is her boyfriend.