evilhamster13 Soom Mini Gem Uyoo: Elf

Soom Mini Gem Uyoo: Elf owned by evilhamster13

At home. female, in White resin. My former grail! She is an Uyoo Elf Sparkling Forever (to be switched to the correct edition if that ends up on the site.)

Amaranth is one of Soom's earlier MDs (incorrectly listed on Soom's website, but she was the June 2007 one) and her fullset outfit is a beautiful example of their 2006-early 2008 'look', monochrome-and-straps-and-hardware fantasy or SF outfits combined with sparkly, surprisingly colorful faceups. My Mini Gems have pretty loose characterization compared to my larger dolls, as I bought them mainly for aesthetic appeal. Amaranth is a powerful, ambitious and charismatic elf queen, unnamed-Noellia is her aide, Hayling (my other Uyoo) is her gothy modern-day incarnation who is transported to the fae world in classic 80s/90s cheesy fantasy story style!