Welcome to the Ball-Jointed Doll Database

BJDB.org (standing for Ball-Jointed DataBase) is a still under-construction site aspiring to be the biggest, most complete database of BJD in their owners' collections, but also of BJD makers, doll lines and different molds.

This is a huge undertaking for one person to manage, especially in regards to huge amounts of data that have to be gathered, but I will do my best to keep it as much up-to-date as possible, hopefully with some help from the Community!

BJD Database

Under Database you will find all information about doll companies, doll lines, molds & editions currently gathered by BJDB.org. With time it will hopefully expand to cover most of the BJD world.

Doll Collection

This is where our Members can share their doll families (past and present), as long as their Wishlists.
This is where our statistics come from, too!

BJD Database statistics

The Ball-Jointed Doll Database currently stores information about 2345 BJD head sculpts in 4285 different editions across 39 doll companies and 214 doll lines.

Our 158 active users added 640 dolls to their current Collections, listed 10 dolls incoming and put 121 BJDs on their Wishlists along with 651 user-submitted photos.